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Welcome to K.S Voice Communication

K.S Voice Communication is a free Teamspeak hosting solution. We are dedicated to helping gaming clans get off their feet by providing them with a way to communicate in-game. As some of you may know, free hosting results in overloaded servers. Our servers are under a high load as we host for over 100 gaming clans and have more then 200 people online at any point in time. Your Teamspeak may be restarted every week to reduce the load on the TeamSpeaks. We realize that our servers may sometimes get laggy, but that's what you get for $0. We are working as hard as we can to improve our services, but we can't upgrade our services for free, so it may take some time.

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We excel by being the largest provider of Free TeamSpeak Servers to many guilds and clans throughout the world.
Attaining its position by providing the lowest ping and most reliable service anywhere.